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Tue Jul 18, 2006, 6:27 AM

Chensterrain's Journal!!!

[Edit:] HOLY CRAP, actually got a good deal at GAME! £20 for a preowned copy of animal crossing: wild world and a carry case (admittedly, a rather cheap-looking one, but hey, whatcha gonna do)! Though I did trade in Starfox Adventures, which I never play anymore (never even got to the first boss O_o ) and Def Jam Vendetta, which I got for free at a charity thing I helped out at anyway. Fun times. Also got a 10% student discount using the ancient GAME reward card I got back when they were FREE. XD Life is good!

So yeah, animal crossing! Wi-fied yesterday with a friend - twas fun, if a little laggy. Came back with armfuls of cherries to plant. THE FUN NEVER STOPS! XD I swear, this isn't really a game at all. But it's FUN, damnit. And some things are so much easier than the Gamecube version (like donating fossils. OMG. It's far less tedious now. XD).

This should be the last game I get for a while (three games in almost as many weeks! Oh, the money I waste... XD), as I need to save up for our london trip, which looks like it's gonna cost CRAZY amounts of money. >_> Damn you, Travelodge!!! *shakes fist*

...oh, and University, too. Forgot about that. XD


OH, AND BEFORE I FORGET, finally checked out Ouran High School Host Club as I can no longer ignore the TORRENT of fanarts everyone and his dog seems to be doing. It's actually really good! And possibly the first anime EVER to make me laugh out loud (usually they're either badly translated, the humour is slapstick or I don't get the crazy japanese humour... >_> But this is hilarious!). I recommend it to everybody. XD Don't expect fanart, though - non-game fanart seems beyond me, for some reason...



...ugh. XD I've finally finished all of the arts I've been doing for various family members, so HOPEFULLY I'll actually get round to drawing wonderful FFIX-filled comics. *cough*

In other news, also bought and completed New Super Mario Bros. Twas fun, but not brilliant (and certainly no Princess Peach! XD) but the minigames ROCK. SO HARD. O_o I'm addicted! Especially that bob-omb sorting one, and the Lakitu Launch one I suck at (can't get more than 20!) and also Wanted!, though that one goes on for far too long. My highscore's summat like level 260, by which point I REALLY didn't care anymore. >_> But eh, whatever. Going to possibly get Animal Crossing: Wild World tomorrow, for as cheap as I can get it. Which, shockingly, may actually be at GAME (holy crap! O_o ). *watches pigs fly past her window*

Been wasting plenty of drawing time recently playing Sonic 3 with my cousin (as Tails, of course). XD Tails rocks. No, really. He can't die! We used to play it together when I was about six, and ran into enemies every two seconds (which I, uh, still do now. Oops) and it's a great example of why we NEED MORE 2-PLAYER CO-OP GAMES NAO. *reminisces about Streets of Rage and Golden Axe on the Megadrive* Seriously. I bought New Super Mario Bros thinking there was a wireless co-op mode, and, uh, there isn't. Apparently, it was taken out when they were making it. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOOOO GREAT, NINTENDO!!!!

...Anyway. Tails' doggy paddle is the cutest thing EVER. O_o

Speaking of cute things, I found a hedgehog today (feel free to stop reading anytime now, people XD). OMG ADORABLE. Wish I'd taken a picture, as it'll no doubt be roadkill by tomorrow. *pouts* But awwww! It ran out of our garage as I was opening it, and for some reason was chasing my shoe for several minutes before lying down at the side of the road, presumably to die. O_o Nudged it into our hedge and later found it in the garden. SAFE! ...for today, anyway. *expects to find it on the road by tomorrow morning*


...yeah. Also saw Superman. Good film, though I don't actually like Superman's character (not particularly likeable, I thought, though on the plus side, he kinda looks like an italian porn star. XD) and Lois was just... annoying. >_> Though not as annoying as she is in Smallville (at least, I think that's her... is she even in Smallville? It's been a while since I last watched it. Used to put it on on sunday afternoons while doing my weekly chemistry homework.

...THE EXCITEMENT OF THIS JOURNAL KEEPS ON COMING!!). I'll stop typing now, before I bore someone to death. >_>


Art Stuff!

Nowt at the moment... >_>

Character Portrait CG - 10 / $18
Examples -……

Additional cel shading - 3 / $5 extra

Inked Sketch - 7 / $12
Examples -……

Sketch - 5 / $9
Examples -……

LOL HOW'RE MY PRICES??? XD (these are actual conversions, BTW ^^ )

1. SyntheticFlame - Complete!
2. SyntheticFlame - Complete!
3. Cinderella - Complete!

Mah Clubs!

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Faulken Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha :XD: yeah, Animal Crossing is addictive at first, even though you think "Wait....why am I doing this? *shrug* Ah well, who cares, I'm not complaining" and resume the addiction :XD:

Bah, who needs money for university-the point of it all is mahoosive debt....and and all that jazz I guess >.>;
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2006   Digital Artist
Guh, I just can't stop playing it! >_> Though now I have all of the meaningful items from Nook's (slingshot, axe, etc) there doesn't seem to be much to buy anymore...

...except for hats. >_> I hate my character's hairstyle! She looks quite the retard. *glares*

Man, student loans scare me. I can see myself accidentally spending it all in a week and being horrifically poor for a term... XD but yeah, the whole debt thing's inevitable, so I guess I shouldn't worry so much about it! (though I still haven't chosen my accomodation... O_o )
Faulken Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The top upgrade of Nooks has a hair salon to change your hairstyle >.>

And collecting silly hats is 90% of the game :XD:

Student loans are scary >.> but oh well, at least they don't pile on masses of interest like regular loans, makes it more manageable over the three years and after
D-Chan-Shaggy Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
i got Pokemon Emerald yesterday cause im going on a road trip in eight days. i need it to stay alive!
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006   Digital Artist
*tries to remember which one that is* - that's like Ruby and Sapphire, right? I was never a fan of those ones really... Gold and Silver were the best, methinks! XD
D-Chan-Shaggy Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
yeah it is. its like the only other one i havent played. the other happening to be crystal.
dan-heron Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006
well, you do certainly sound excited X3 Ah, teh Dan remembers now he gotta play new Marios games X( he hasn't played a new Mario in... a week ^^;; "just got to play Mario Kart Double Dash"
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006   Digital Artist
I've never really been into mario kart (not because I'm HORRIFICALLY BAD AT IT, honestly! >_> <_< ), but I love the platformers! Even if New Super Mario Bros is a little on the short and easy side... >_>
Angel-Freak Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006
Tails is awesone =D he's got 2 tails for crying out load! how awesome is that! ;P

awwww, poor guy i hope he's still alive by tomarrow =o

LOL "he kinda looks like an italian porn star" XP

*dead from excitement of journal*
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2006   Digital Artist
*runs off to play more sonic*
Tails was always my fave. He's just too cute! XD *plays some Sonic Advance instead*
Angel-Freak Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2006
same here, no matter how cool the other characters were i always went with tails =P
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