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[Edit:] 60 deviations! Woo! ^_^ Took long enough...

...and I like Peni- (snip! - Ed)

Went to see Brokeback Mountain yesterday - y'know, the one with the gay cowboys? (This is what happens when you have gay friends... *sigh* ) - let's just say, there isn't much else in it. The unfortunately named Ennis (yes, it does rhyme with... uh... *cough* I'm so mature... ^_^ ) and the fruity Jack Twist go at it a coupla times, there are some pretty landscapes and sheep, repeat til fade. The film is practically on a loop. If I hadn't spent £5.25 of my hard earned cash, I woulda walked out - however, I had, and instead spent the entire movie giggling at inopportune moments. And sleeping. The people next to us must've LOVED us... ^_^

Why is it that all award-winning films bore me to tears?

On the art side of things, not much happening. Haven't submitted anything since December, and I now have 25 GameFAQs requests to be getting on with... *sob*. Serves me right, really. ^_^ Bought back Animal Crossing to see how much my townsfolk hated me for leaving for 14 months - not that much, it seems: after a coupla tantrums, they all love me again, and I'm left with a town full of weeds and a game I'm bored with already. >_< serves me right, really - I traded it in because I was bored of it in the first place. But still. Give me Harvest Moon anyday...

(...and I had no idea that was out on the PS2! Saw it today in Game Trading - only £20, but I already have it for GC, and I have no intention of paying all over again for a few extra animals and the chance to have a daughter... >_<

...tempting, though. ^_^ )

Art Stuff!

...tum ti tum... ^_^

-Request for Faulken
-Requests on GameFAQs (25? 25???)
-Entry for Ritolovers' contest ( <_< ... >_> )

Mah Clubs!

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katakeyana Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2006
LOL So true. This review gets a 10/10

And I thought Innis was actually reminescent to Anus (hence the angry anal sex)
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2006   Digital Artist
Heh, glad someone else agrees! (and damn, it was angry, wasn't it? I never quite understood why they kept punching each other, either... O_o )
Faulken Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Animal Crossing would bore me if not for the DS's wifi multiplayer thing and having insane friends :XD: it's not the most exciting game though

Brokeback Mountain-the first I read about it was a one sentence summary of 'Delicate tale of gay cowboy love'...I was like "Huh? Come again..?"-I'm further amused that a main character is called Ennis :XD:
It was just such a random sentence :XD: I think of myself as quite a deep person, but most of the oscar winning renowned deep films bore me to tears

More quirky stuff like Lost in Translation, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and the Royal Tenenbaums I love
The only serious non blockbuster film that catches my interest at the moment is Match Point on the reccomendation of a friend
chensterrain Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2006   Digital Artist
I've just been playing AC (the GC one) - there really isn't much to do at all except pay off debts, it seems... *sigh*. Damned Tom Nook. >_<

'Delicate tale of gay cowboy love'? Psh. Lies, I tell you. ^_^

I haven't seen any of the films you mentioned (though I remember wanting to see the Royal Tenenbaums on pay per view... ^_^ ) - to be honest, I prefer mainstream action flicks. Y'know, Kung-Fu Hustle and that ilk. Great film, that. ^_^

Oh, and do you have the american version of wild world? I didn't think it was out here yet...
Faulken Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love Kung Fu Hustle and a lot of the more mainstream films, I was just saying for example-the 'deep' films I think are good very rarely get the same press as the 'heart moving oscar winning' equivalents that win the publicity :XD: hehe

And yeah-I got the american version of Wild World on eBay because no regional difference is planned and the wifi online is world wide
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January 12, 2006